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Scribble. Scribble.

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Nice exploration of a visual metaphor, rendered in a minimalistic style. Pretty fast paced and tightly done.

So I have to wonder... it's all very well that one goobey person gets 'straightened thoughts' and makes something of it: some kind of red bubble, which pops and spreads thoughts to other goobey people. The last thing we see is one of the infected goobey people looking like it's going to bloop out a red bubble too. The disturbing part is how it hasn't straightened any thoughts of its own, though.

I had assumed the red scribbles were metaphors for thought processes, but maybe they really are creepy red string-like viruses which are plaguing this community of goobey people. Well, at least there was one goobey person with a thick skull, apparently immune to the red-string virus. Now, if red scribbles have co-evolved with the goobey people and they are mutually dependent on each other, then everything is fine.... But if this animation really does depict some sort of red-string-virus outbreak that is spreading willy-nilly among the goobey people and ultimately interfering with their survival, then that thick-headed goobey person (and the goobey person that didn't retain any of the red string) is their last hope...

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Full Metal Alchemist MV Full Metal Alchemist MV

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It has something.

Eh, I'm trying to learn flash too. But I felt there *was* something to the flash movie. Some truth in emotion born from the blend of strange music and simple line drawings.

(Nice that you gave proper credits to the original work. But careful in how you phrase your author comments, or you may alienate people. Harry Potter fans, or people who don't like upfront implications of having a closed mind.)

As mentioned, I actually thought the simple line drawings agianst the black was a good design choice. The writing and text fading worked well. Some parts (ie the font, scribble-colorings) do feel amateurish. But if you continue to learn flash and get better and better, you may consider a remake of this. I think it holds a core already, and it shows some sense of design.

FMA parody FMA parody

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Aaaah so awesome!

That was so awesome I'm sharing it with a bunch of FMA otaku RIGHT NOW. Wolverine claws, Sasuke, Ed getting hit by random rock (he was asking for it, after that dramatic panning across the screen and building tension like that), gluttony on a cute lil' ukiwa, "funland"... so great! Milked everything for what it was, and very well too.

(random note: one of the official Hagaren guides actually does mention in a backstory info that Ed, with his automail, wouldn't be able to swim)

I liked how you even included the character deformations true to the series. The simplified version of Al with just a squiggly line for a mouth, and all that jazz. Ed at the very end was also well rendered.

I just have to figure out, what is Hoenheim thinking, with that lightbulb.